Update from THIS I.F.

Happy Spring!


No PLC Meetings until after April 8th

April 11th PLC for 1st and 2nd

April 13th PLC for 3rd

April 14th PLC for K, 4 and 5

Please see Benchmark Schedule for these dates. K-2 will be doing a county level benchmark for math, 3-5 will have a reading and math benchmark that is similar to the EOG. As a school, we would like you to do SRI and STAR Math before April 15th.

Reminder that CBM and Reading 3D Window opens on May 2nd and will close on May 20th. This is a quick window so you need to start discussing how you want to test students and books you are using now so you are prepared to get started quickly.

Spring Benchmark Schedule

Please look over this and if you cannot do the task assigned--please let Ms. This or Dr. Mays know ASAP. Please be aware that changes may occur--please be flexible!

Spring Benchmark Schedule


We will have TA PD on the MTSS process on Wednesday, March 23rd from 1:00-3:00.

I will have lunch ready for you by 11:30.

Summer Reading Camp

Summer Camp will be for rising 2nd through 4th graders. (current students in 1-3)

If you are interested in working at Summer Camp--contact Dr. Curry.

Guidelines for who will attend are changing and more details will be coming forth.

4 days a week for three weeks

July 18-21st

July 25th-28th

August 1st-4th

Making Literacy Concepts REAL

All of our students in the building should know the elements of fiction, the Big 5 (Characters, Setting, Problem, Solution, Mood (Events)) at this point of the year to some degree.

Video clips are a great way to ensure students truly see the skills we are asking them to do with text by applying those skills to video. With Spring arriving, this is a great video to review the Big 5. The video has no speaking or sound--but certainly still tells a story.

You can explore ideas such as inferring, graphing mood change to see how a character develops through a story, how events impact the mood of a character, and how setting/description affect the ;mood of a story. A great video for sequence of events, connection to farming/growing/seasons, and drawing conclusions. I see poetry lessons here with figurative language descriptions of the wind. You would need to stop this often for young students.

If you would like to talk specifically about a lesson plan--please talk to me!


3-5 Video Clip

Here is a video clip for the next rainy day.


This would be a great video to start a review of Figurative Language. Think of the similes and metaphors this video could jumpstart!

A great analogy for boring vocabulary and writing. You can certainly inspire imagination with this quick clip!

Enjoy A Restful Break!

May you be truly blessed to always glitter with a radiance that shines
from deep within you.
- Barbara Becker Holstein