Monday Minutes

February 5, 2018

Welcome to the first full week in the month of February! I was visiting with a colleague at a meeting last week and she mentioned that at her school, February is historically the month with the most office referrals. My immediate thought was, "Why? We just got back from winter break just a few weeks ago!" But then I began to really think about it. When we come back in January, we hit the ground running. Sure, we have rested for a couple of weeks, but that rejuvenation tank empties pretty quickly when we get back to lesson planning, teaching, middle of the year testing, and preparing for our state testing this spring. I want to take a moment to encourage you to continue to fill your tank so that you have the emotional fuel necessary to make this a great semester. Make a list of the things that fill your tank. Is it time spent with your family? A bubble bath? Exercise? Reading a book for pleasure? After you've made that list, make a commitment to make time for something on that list every day, then do it!

Next week will be our final installment of The Gifts of Imperfection. We will be discussing Guideposts 8-10 (pages 105-125). Please be sure to complete the assignments in Google classroom prior to our staff meeting next Wednesday.

Did you know?

2/4 Thank your Mailman Day

2/5 Chocolate Fondue Day

2/6 National Chopsticks Day

2/7 Wave all your fingers at your neighbor day

2/8 Laugh and get rich day

2/9 National pizza day

2/10 Umbrella day

Upcoming Events

  • February 5th -- Monday Morning Assembly
  • February 5th -- Baby Shower for Sarah 3:00 P.M. - Library
  • February 6th -- Student Management Meeting (Bryan and Wendy out A.M.)
  • February 7th -- Principals Meeting (Bryan and Wendy out A.M.)
  • February 7th -- Team Leader Meeting
  • February 8th -- Progress notes go home
  • February 9th -- Friendship Dance 5:30 P.M.
  • February 12th - 16th -- Friendship Week
  • February 13th -- All Pro Dad's Breakfast 7:00 A.M.
  • February 14th -- Friendship Parties 1:30 P.M.
  • February 14th -- Staff Meeting
  • February 15th -- CMIT
  • February 19th -- PDH