Homeschool in Community

with Classical Conversations

Communities in the Modesto area

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Ceres, CA

Tuesday community day

Foundations & Essentials

Challenge A

Challenge B

Brentwood, CA

Community day TBD

Foundations & Essentials

Challenge A

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See below to contact Gina Heckinger, area Support Manager, for more information on helping to establish Classical Conversations in your community!

Local Classical Conversations Events:

Valley Home Educator's Convention

Friday, July 25th, 11am to Saturday, July 26th, 6pm

1000 L St

Modesto, CA

Visit the Classical Conversations booth in the exhibitor's hall!!

Biblical. Classical. Home Education made Doable.

Equipping Parents and Encouraging Students

CC believes in communities in which families can encourage one another to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty. Each week, trained and experienced parent tutors are available to mentor and encourage families who are new to home education. Our communities offer three programs to meet the needs of children at all ages.

Community Learning Once a Week

For twelve weeks in the fall and twelve weeks in the spring, students attend classes facilitated by a trained parent tutor.

CC Teaches Parents the Classical Model: Tools for Learning any Subject. For Life.

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Classical Conversations Offers:

Foundations Program for ages 4 through 12

Presentations, Science Experiments and Projects, Fine Arts, New Grammar & Review Grammar

Essentials Program for upper elementary students:

English Grammar, Math Games & Writing Composition

Challenge Program for Jr. High & High School

6 Strands of study developed through 6 levels of Challenge
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