Colonial Times

By: Anna Blasingame, Sophia Stiles, and Samantha Mills

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The people of Maryland

Have you ever wanted to live somewhere where majority of the religion is the same? In Maryland, most of the people are Catholics. Sometimes you would run into a Quaker, Baptist, Puritans, and Wesleyans. Also, 1 male settler equals a 100 acres plus 100 acres for a wife and every child over 16. That's a lot of land! Another great thing about Maryland is Native Americans were forbidden to be forced into slavery.

Climate and Geography in Maryland

In Maryland, the temperatures are pretty good. It's never to hot or to cold. The highest average temperature is 75 (July) and the lowest average temperature is 33 (January). The hottest it's ever been in Maryland is 109. That's hot! The record low is 40 which isn't that cold. Maryland gets average rain. They get 43 inches of precipitation a year.

Economy in Maryland

Do you know someone that loves farming and it is very important to them? In Maryland, farming and plantations are very important. Some plantations are massive with slave quarters, a dairy shop, black smiths shop, laundry, smoke-house and barns. The plantations grow tobacco, cotton, rice, sugar, indigo and other crops.

Native Americans in Maryland

The Native Americans in Maryland play a huge role when the settlers came. They taught the settlers how to build wigwams and pailsade fences for their villages. They also taught the settlers how to hunt, fish and travel through the water ways. Imagine not knowing these techniques. Life would be a lot harder. The Native Americans gave the settlers hope.

The Founders and the Reason Colonial Maryland was Founded

What if you could be Catholic and be free? In Maryland, freedom was mainly wanted by Catholics. Also, little gold or silver was ever found so Lord George Calvart was free to run the colony as he wished at a small price. Wouldn't that be nice? Living in a nice colony and it not being so expensive that you can't afford it.

Politics and Government in Maryland

In Maryland, Charles 1 granted Lord Calvert more power than most colonial leaders. So that means that your leader would be more powerful than most of the original 13 colony leaders! Also, Calvert had the power to print money and hand it out to people.

Religion in Maryland

If your religion is Anglicanism, than Maryland is where you want to live. Anglicanism (now the Episcopal church) became the established religion. But, Maryland was founded as the haven for Roman Catholics. In result of this, Catholic priests were attacked. So, if your a episcopalian, Maryland would be the perfect place for you.