Bullying and You

by James Duane

  • I think that bullying will never be stopped because you can't change how people feel when they are putting somebody below them on an egotistic scale, people like to feel like that they are in control the situation. What i have noticed by doing research that bully's pick on people that they will expect to get no violent or aggressive reaction to what they do or say to them. There's a reason the skinny nerd is usually the victim, you never hear of the champion wrestler that is undefeated getting picked on by a bully.
  • Bullying is a problem because when kids bully other kids the victim of the bullying usually has a much lower self esteem and that can be a problem when a kid is going through puberty because of overflowing emotions from chemical reactions in your brain. The victim of a bully is subject to do things like self harm and that makes kids feel discriminated. It can be a major problem because when kids feel singled out and they feel like nobody understands they do stupid stuff to themselves or others to make them self feel better.
  • If you feel like you are being bullied you should not just sit there and let it happen, and that doesn't necessarily mean that you should go kick your bullys ass tomorrow but you should at least stand up for yourself to make it stop. A bully isn't a strong badass, they just pick on who they feel they won't get a reaction out of, basically ensuring that they won't have to have a physical encounter because that's what they're scared of, confrontation.

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