Bigfoot Boy/ Into the Woods

By J. Torres and Faith Erin Hicks

In this book

In this book Rufus discovers an ancient native american totem with the word sasquatch on it. But when he reads this, he turns into the protector of the forest. After they sense a disturbance in the magic of the trees, the strong headed wolves try to recover the stolen totem.


Rufus is an average city boy that goes too stay with his grandmother while his parents go on a trip. What he thinks will be a weekend of prune juice and soap operas, turns out to be a exiting adventure with a new best friend with the help of his spirit guide Sidney (a flying squirrel)


Penny is an native american who spirit animal is a skunk which means she likes to be left alone but over time will accept others. Penny creates a theory that the woods in her backyard belong to her.

Did I like this book?

I really enjoyed this book, like I thought it was very humorous that when ever Rufus transformed back from Big Foot he would be naked.

What was the theme of this book?

It was humors that Rufuses guide animal was a squirrel named Sidney. It was also action packed when Rufus was saving Penny from the pack of wolves.

What happened in the end?

In the end Rufus saves Penny from the wolfs with the help of Sidney. Rufus's parents pick him up then they leave while Sidneyes hiding in his jacket. From then on they would be great friends.

Is This Book part of a series?

Their is news that the authors are planning to add books too the series.

By Owen Wurst

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