The Gloucester Sea Serpent

How has this myth been changed overtime?

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History of the Gloucester Sea Serpent

This Serpent was first seen at the Gloucester Harbor in 1638 (Fama, 2012). Many people have seen the sea serpent, but nobody has ever gotten a real photo of it. In 1817 there were many reports on an unknown marine animal (Morphy, 2010). Also in 1817, two women sighted a sea serpent swimming in the harbor (The Folklorist: the Gloucester Sea Serpent, 2015). Over time this myth of this mysterious sea creature has changed so much. In 1817 witnesses exceeding 200 people watched the sea serpent for 3 1/4 hours (Fama, 2012). Many people in the town of Gloucester had some sort of sighting of the sea serpent. the sea serpent lingered around in the harbor in 1817 that almost every person in the town had sight of it (Fama, 2012). To this day people still believe in the Gloucester Sea Serpent.

Modern Day Research

1817-1819 - Many people claimed to have seen a monster that looked like a combination of the Lochness Monster and the Lake Champlain Monster (Fama, 2012)

1817-1819 - This Gloucester Sea Serpent was noticed in the gulf of Mainemany, by hundreds of people (Fama, 2012)

1818 - A captain rich claimed to have harpooned the Gloucester Sea Serpent (Fama, 2012).

1918 - There were Series of sightings of a mysterious sea creature lurking in the Gloucester Harbor (The Folklorist: The Gloucester Sea Serpent, 2015).

1962 - Gloucester Sea Serpent was last noticed/seen in the Gloucester Harbor(Morphy, 2010).

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Theory 1- Gloucester sea Serpent swims around in the Gloucester Harbor and the Gulf of Mainemany.

Theory 2 - The Gloucester Harbor is inhabited by a sea serpent.

Theory 3 - The sea serpent is a mixture of the Lochness Monster and the Lake Champlain Monster.

My Believes

I Believe that this creature is not real. There id no real proof that this sea serpent is real, all of the sightings are different in some way. the sightings of the appearance of the sea serpent have all been different. people have made up many stories about it, like people claiming they harpooned it or saw it wash up on a beach. All of the research I've found has made me wonder if it's true or not. nothing about it seems real or true. the fact that it was only supposedly around for a short amount of time makes me believe that it's not real. the main thing that triggered me to not believe in it was that all of a sudden it just disappears.
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