Element Adoption


Phsyical Properties

1. Atomic Mass- 162.500(1)[1]

2. Atomic Radius- 2pm

3. Density- 8.540 g/cm3

4. Melting Point- 1680 K (2565 F)

5. Boiling Point- 2840 k (4653 F)

6. Room Temperature Element is a- Solid

7. Appearance- Silvery White

(8-11)- ?

Chemical Porperties

1. Flammability- Not possible

2. Reactivity- Able to react to different elements

Atomic Structure

1. Atomic Number- 66

2. Mass Number- 162.5

3. Protons- 66

4. Neutrons- 97

5. Electrons- 67

Locations on the Periodic Table

One the second part of the table and on the first row ten down






Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran


It can handle radio active objects

Elements Applications & Uses

It is used to make Laser materials, Nuclear control rods, Nuclear reactors, Compact discs, Magnetic resonance imaging, and Nano-magnets


Substance can not be cut with a knife but with a bolt cutters

Name & Symbol

Its is called Dysprosium because in Greek it means hard to reach at and it symbol is Dy

Interseting Information

This element strong enough to control nuclear rods