Cri du Chat

Makayla Fleming

Basic Information

Cri du chat is a rare genetic disorder due to a missing part of chromosome 5. Cri du chat is a French term referring to the characteristic cat-like cry of affected children.


Cri du Chat syndrome have many symptoms a couple of them are downward slant to the eyes. There cry is high- pitched and sounds like a cat. Partial webbing or fusing of fingers or toes. Skin tags just in front of the ears. Slow or incomplete development of motor skills. A kids daily life with cri du chat is very difficult. Eating is difficult because of swallowing problems and large respiratory problems. It is difficult to move because of poor muscle tone and therefore a child cant play any sports or go to a playground. A child with cri du chat life expectancy is average, there is not a exact age.
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Cri du chat syndrome is a group of symptoms that result from a missing piece of a chromosome. The chromosome that has a piece missing from it is chromosome 5, and that is how someone gets cri du chat.
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There is no specific treatment for cri du chat. Most parents put there child in therapy to improve their language skills, motor skills and to help them develop as normally as possible. Sometimes the parent of the child with this syndrome get genetic counseling and testing to determine if one parent has change in chromosome 5. There is no cure for cri du chat syndrome.
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Other facts

  • Cri du chat is French for "cry of the cat," it has this name because when a child cries it sounds like a cat crying.
  • The disease becomes less noticeable as the baby gets older.
  • It is thought that girls receive this disease more than boys.
  • In 80% of cri du chat cases the chromosome carrying the deletion of the chromosome comes from the fathers sperm rather than the mothers egg.
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