MCSD DigiParent iPad Nights

3 Dates @ Craig Middle School

The purpose...

The iPad can be an incredible learning tool. Its light weight form factor, touch screen, long battery life, and ever-growing list of interactive apps and digital books make the iPad extremely functional and purposeful as a personal learning device. We believe it is currently the best technology tool for engaging students in their learning, for providing access anytime/anywhere to student work, and for connecting them to the resources they need for research, project creation, and class presentations. It is also an ideal tool for communicating with teachers and their peers.

While all of these benefits are readily apparent to us as educators, we recognize the iPad may also present challenges. Join our 3 part Parent iPad Nights to get tips on how to parent in the digital age and learn more about the possibilities of technology for students and parents.

Night 3: Engaging in the Learning Process

Tuesday, March 22nd, 6-7pm

915 Yampa Avenue

Craig, CO

In our last session we will be discussing how you can engage in the learning process with your child. We will explore tips on using the iPad at home as a tool to increase creation, collaboration and creativity.

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