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Sherburn Hungate Weekly News - Autumn Term - Issue 3

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A word from Mr Broom.

It's been another super week in school as the school year gets into full swing. We are starting to see a real benefit from the daily mile initiative with children not only becoming fitter but being more switched on in lessons.

I completed the Key Stage Two lesson observations this week to check on the quality of learning taking place in the classrooms. I have to say I was so impressed by the exciting activities our children were experiencing and it was lovely to see how quickly our new team members have settled into school.

We're still working hard with our school meals and I thank you for the many positive comments received. Our children are trying new things and liking them and this too is having a positive effect. I'd also like to reiterate that if you do have any issues/concerns regarding school meals, please come to see me as my door is always wide open. Mrs Crossley has to serve the menu agreed by North Yorkshire Catering Services without deviation and it's not her role to field parental issues/concerns.

Meanwhile, thank you to our Year 5 parents who came into school to see Mr Kelly and myself. I couldn't make every meeting but from what he has said, Mr Kelly is very confident of having a super year with our amazing Year Fives.

Next week, our Year 6 children are in Low Mill for the week. I'm sure they will have a smashing time.

Thank you to Friends!

I'd like to say a massive thank you to our Friends Association for their hard work over last academic year. You may not know but they have invested £4,768.00 in school which include playground markings, circus skills, sand and bricks (EYFS), drama productions, Y6 leavers party, transport and school visits to name a few.

We're now on with this year and we're starting by investing £3000 from the Friends Association in a new library for the children.

Staff Shout Out

Are you impressed by what our staff do for your child? Let them know! Complete the form below.

Data Collection Sheets

We've sent out data collection sheets so that you can see the information that we hold for you on our school records. Please check this information carefully and update where necessary (ideally in blue ink) before returning it to school. Thank you.

Car Parking

Please be careful when dropping off and picking up children as we've had a couple of near misses which could've let to nasty accidents. Always think of others when leaving your car.

School Meals Update

As mentioned in my comment above, we're making strides in this area and I thank you for your continued support.

To update you:

- I've met with NYCC Catering to establish the menu we will be serving for the coming months up to Christmas.

- We've listened to some of your constructive comments regarding choices and I'm pleased to say that Mrs Crossley and the kitchen team will be providing four sandwich choices and three jacket potato filling choices on a daily basis.

- Mrs Buttle, one of our parent governors, visited school on Wednesday to talk to children about lunch times. Many commented that they were now enjoying trying new things.

Dates for Your Diary

22 September

1100 - 1400 Sherburn High School Open Day

24 September

Start of Year 6 residential visit to Low Mill

No after school clubs

25 September

No after school clubs

26 September

1510 - 1610 After School Girls' Football Club (Year 4 / Year 5 / Year 6)

1800 - 1900 Phonics Evening for parents of our Reception children

27 September

No after school clubs

28 September

End of Year 6 residential visit to Low Mill

1510 - 1600 KS2 Choir - Sherburn Voices

1 October

1330 - 1430 Nursery Stay and Play (for pre-Nursery children and childminders)

1510 - 1610 After School Rugby Club (Year 4 / Year 5 / Year 6)

2 October

1505 - 1545 After School Rugby Club (Year 1 / Year 2)

3 October

1510 - 1610 After School Girls' Football Club (Year 4 / Year 5 / Year 6)

4 October

1510 - 1610 After School Football Club (Year 5 / Year 6)

5 October

1510 - 1600 KS2 Choir - Sherburn Voices

24 October

1130 - 1145 Nursery Open Classroom

1445 - 1530 Y1 Drama Performance followed by Open Classroom

1510 - 1530 Y2 Open Classroom

1510 - 1530 Reception Open Classroom

6 November

Nursery & Reception Parents Evening - more details later

7 November

Nursery & Reception Parents Evening - more details later

Nut Allergies

If your child brings either a snack or a pack up to school, please help us to protect some of our children who have nut allergies by checking that the products you send with them do not contain any nuts. Thank you.

School Attendance

It's important that children attend school regularly and at Sherburn Hungate we recognise that excellent attendance leads to excellent achievement. Fact!

Congratulations to our Year 1 and Year 3 children who are our attendance champions in school this week with 99.3%!

Our average attendance this week is 97.8% which is well above the national average.

We have a small number of children whose attendance is well below the national expectations. These children are known as persistently absent when their attendance falls below 90%. I will be making telephone calls to parents of these children.

Thank you for your continued support with our attendance drive. It is really appreciated.

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Home/School Agreement

Since the introduction of the new General Data Protection Act 2018, we can no longer accept a null response as acceptance that someone is happy to be included in decisions. Statements such as 'if you do not complete this form by x date, we will assume you are happy' can no longer be used.

For this reason, we're asking all parents to complete the Home/School Agreement form found at the link below. The Agreement includes permissions for technology use and local visits to name a few. Please complete it as soon as possible. Our admin team will continue to send the Agreement to you until we receive a response.

Thank you for your support with this.

Home/School Agreement

Please complete as soon as possible.

Mobiles on Site

Our teachers have planned exciting lessons for all our children and when they leave school, we're confident that they will want to share their day with you. Conversation is really important to your child's development and for this reason, we're asking that you refrain from using your phone on the school site at drop off and pick up times. If you'd like further information on this, click here:

and here

GDPR Data Protection Information

Our school takes Data Protection very seriously and complies with the new General Data Protection Regulations introduced in May 2018. For further information please visit: