Job Vacancies

New positions open for experienced Epidemiologists

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Job Description

Epidemiologists collect and analyze data to investigate health issues. For example, an epidemiologist might collect and analyze demographic data to determine who is at the highest risk for a particular disease.

This job is for a research Epidemiologist, which will require you to spend long hours in a laboratory, researching new data and samples that have been collected. As the position currently open is only for lead researcher you must meet the following criteria:

-Have a Ph. D. in Epidemiology or Public health

-Have had at least 5 years of experience

-Have up to 3 letters of recomendation

-Be very detailed oriented

-Have outstanding math and statistical skills

-Be willing to work with and help team members

As lead researcher, you will be responsable for each one of your team members (Up to six others), making sure all deadlines are met in an orderly fashion, and staying at the laboratory to make sure all data and samples are properly cleaned and put away.

Where would you like to work?

These jobs are being offered by a company called Onder Research Centers for Disease Control. We currently have 5 positions open which are located in:

-Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-Philedelphia, Pennsylvania
-New York, New York
-Columbus, Ohio
-Arlington, Texas

Pay Range

Around the country pay for epidemiologists ranges from $57,000 (being the lowest) and the way to $92,00 (being the highest) with a mean of $63,000. For these positions being offered, we are offering a start pay of $70,000. As you can see we offer a very competitive wage!

If you have any questions or are interested in these positions please feel free to call: 1-234-555-1515

Or visit our website:

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