Tutor News

Week 22

Science Experiment - Identifying Minerals

This week we will need to do our science activity in the classrooms rather than the hallway. There is simply not enough room for the students to work in pairs and have any room to move around in the hall. I have two test kits, so two classes can do the activity at one time with students in each class sharing the items in one test kit. The students will have an opportunity to complete four tests.

#1 Streak Test

# 2 Luster Test (use a flashlight to see how light reflects off surface of mineral)

#3 Transparency

#4 Hardness

Students will work in pairs or threesomes. I will encourage all parents to assist. Hopefully we can have one parent to each pair of students in the younger classes. I am working on a lab sheet which I will send in a separate e-mail. Each pair of students will have a lab sheet and mineral specimen. Minerals will be delivered on paper plates with the mineral name written on the back of the plate. The minerals will need to stay on the paper plate so we are able to put the minerals back into the proper spot in the storage container. If we mix them up, I will never be able to figure out which mineral is which. Please make sure the students understand this. Cindy Amster allowed us to borrow her rock/mineral collection and I would like to return them in good condition.

After the students do the four tests, they should attempt to identify their mineral by comparing their findings to the Master Key. I will have several copies of the key for each class. Discuss findings as time allows.

Tutors, if you can bring a flashlight it would be very helpful. If you do not have one, please let me know. Thanks.


Large Group

We will have two of our students play solos this week. Gabrielle Wallace will play piano and Asa Morway will play guitar. I will introduce our two new vocabulary words and do a short review of previous week's vocabulary. We will end Large Group with the Orchestra Song.

Classroom listening will be: Mozart: Piano Concerto no. 22 in E Flat, Third Movement.

Memory Master

Pastor Nick has given the okay for us to meet at GSWC on Monday 4/25 from 1:00-4:00 pm to complete the Memory Master Tutor and Director Proofs. I will be able to watch tutor's children and siblings of the MMs while tutor proofing is completed. I am planning to have parents watch the kiddos while students are doing the Director Proof. Only one student will be able to do the Director Proof at a time, so there should be a parent or two available to watch siblings. Below is a tentative tutor/student match up. Please let me know ASAP if you have a schedule conflict.

Corinne Kranz - Christina Morway

Clay Whalen - Nancy Kubeck

Karolina Ornelas - Cindy Amster

Emma Ornelas - Gina Carter

Chastity Ward - Kobi Kothman

As soon as the first student completes the Tutor Proof and there is a parent available to watch the children, I will begin the Director Proofs. According to the MM Guide, by the time students get to the Tutor Proof, the process should take approximately 90 minutes or less. The Director Proof should take approximately 15-30 minutes/student. During the Director Proof, students recite 25% of the material for each subject (6 weeks worth). All of Latin is recited during the Director Proof. To decide what portion of material students will be tested on, I am planning to sort my Cycle 1 Review Cards into 4 groups. Each student will draw a group of cards from a bag and that will be the portion of memory work he/she is tested on during the Director Proof. I will need a tutor to sit in while I complete proofs.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concerto No. 22 in E flat major, K. 482 3rd Movement