A new species was found!

Being named Viperwolf.

The viperwolf is a vicious hunter on Pandora.

The viperwolf has six legs colored mostly black but banded with vermillion and iridescent blue. Sleek, oily and hairless skin and a low slung head with chitinous armor around neck the viperwolf is a fierce hunter. The Amphipod plating on the back of the neck and spine provide protection from its only predators the Thanator and forest banshee. Distensible, snake-like jaw with obsidian-like teeth help it capture and eat it prey, which is Hexapede, Prolemulis, Tapirus and the Sturmbeast. It's paddle-like tail used for stability and leathery paws have opposable thumbs giving it the ability to climb trees making its hunting grounds three dimensional. It breathes out of the holes on the side of its neck.

The viperwolf was discovered by Dr. Hayden Burnnet on Pandora, a remote moon orbiting Polyphemus. Polyphemus is a Saturn-sized gas planet. It was captured peacefully with the help of the native Na'vi's.