Digital Citizenship

By: Parker Sargent

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is the appropriate use of online souses. It teaches kids how to use online sources safely and if a site is safe or not.


Cyber bullying is bullying online.

- If some tries to bully you online, tell a parent, guardian or teacher.

- Report it immediately and block that person if you can.

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It can be serious.

- It can hurt people so bad to where people think of suicide.

- That is why you half to report it immediately so you don't get hurt.

Internet Saftey

Internet safety is a serious thing.

- You need to know when a site is safe on not to sign up or not.

- Ask your parents if you can sign up before you do it yourself.

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How to know when a site is safe.

- Loo a the top and it should have https:// at the beginning.

- Ask your tech teacher if it is is safe.

- Their are other reasons that you will just half to find yourself.

WHY is a positive digital presence important?

Their are many reasons.

- it is like you digital foot print.

- When you want to get job a positive presence is a great thing to have.

- Business look at your online profiles. They look to find more info about.

- They look and to see what your hobbies are. Do you smoke. Like to hove a good time.

- Who do you hang out with. A sorts of things, they want to know who you are or what you like to do.