Say "NO" to Uniform Dress Code

Why forcing kids into indistinguishably is wrong

Social Effects

One main reason school officials chose to implement a school uniform policy is because it is believed to reduce violence and behavioral problems and boost self-esteem. But the real truth is this: uniform policies don't curb violence or behavioral problems in schools. They don't cultivate student self-esteem and motivation. They don't balance the social status differences that often separate students. And they don't improve academic achievement. In fact, uniforms may have been associated with a small detrimental effect on achievement in reading, research shows.


Why uniform uniforms take away individuality

Kids express themselves in many ways, whether it be screaming you in the face or more subtle expressions. One vital way a child can convey who they are to other people without even saying a word is by how they dress. If a girl walks into class wearing a Michael Kors shirt, Miss Me jeans, and Tory Burch sandals, she's telling everyone she's posh. It's the same concept for a boy with a Nike shirt, shorts, and running shoes. He's an athlete. Even though many people encourage us to not judge people by what they look like, everyone does. It's human nature. How we as people dress reflect how we feel about ourselves and who we are or want to be. It's our individuality. Would you want that taken away from you?Do you want to be the same as everyone else? If someone told you today that you were no longer able to be your original self, and you were required to blend in with society and become a dull, grey existence, would you stand there and take it, or stand up for the real idiosyncratic you?
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