Ancient Greek Art

Emma B.

To Start Off, Who Created Greek Art?

Myron was a artist who lived in the early classical period. He lived in Eleutherae, and was a sculpter who worked primarily in bronze. He created the famous Discus Thrower, or Discobolus.
Phidias was an artist from Athens who lived from 493 - 430 B.C. He is famous for contructing the Athena -----. This was a 40' tall statue of Athena, plated with gold and ivory. It was located in the acropolis in Athens.
Praxiteles was a sculpter from Athens, and he lived from 400 - 330 B.C. He sculpted in marble and his work was popular with the wealthy people in Athens.
Scopas was an architect from Paros, we know how he is because he was credited with designing the Athena Alea Temple. He lived in the late classical period.
Polyclitus was a sculpter from Argos, he lived in the high classical period. He sculpted a chryselephantine statue of Hera a the temple of Argos.
Lysippus was a craftsman from Sicyon and lived in the late classical period. He was the official metal worker of Alexander the Great.