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Ryan Eagle

Chicago, IL

What’s the difference between you and I? A different tax bracket, mind-state and plateau.


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Aside from business skills, what is one skill that you want to improve but feel you lack? You can't choose modesty. Athletics, interpersonal skills, creating far-reaching plans, focus?

Haha definitely athletics or being healthy in general. I eat poorly, I don't work out, and I'm not very good at sports. I'm a nerd man.

about 4 hours ago


How quickly have you fallen in and out of love?

I don't throw love around easily. The word means something to me.

about 17 hours ago


What's your work schedule like nowadays? What's the best thing about working for yourself, all I want to do is work for myself from home.

I'm working far less than my norm because I'm trying to preemptively adjust for my child on the way. I'm working 8am - 6pm, then 10pm - 12am. I still sporadically work longer hours if necessary, but honestly I need a break from the 20 hour days I worked for years because I don't want to wear myself out. Plus, I'm sure the baby is going to throw my entire schedule off. I

about 17 hours ago


Now your old office is the baby's room (congratulations!) what does your new office look like. What else is on the bottom floor of your house?

My current office is the entire basement, it's remodeled but looking like a mess now. I'll take updated pictures soon and post them on http://RyanEagle.com .


I live in a developing company , Actually i got no cash flow to start my journey with but my head is full of projects that no one have ever done before in my country and some ideas that were never applied before in the world , I am 20 years old & studying business! what are your advices to me ?

Well if you have any ideas for investment or partnership, shoot me an email - I don't care where you are from in the world as long as you are determined. Contact me at theryaneagle@gmail.com .



Do you schedule your work or just work when you feel like it?

I schedule hours where I don't work, or else I'd end up working 24/7. Over the past several months I've challenged myself to completely change my schedule and work something more normal. I've really been enjoying it, but it's very easy for me to default into my 20-hour-a-day work week.



The 46th law of power dictates "never appear too perfect." I've hated on you because you look like an attention-seeking flawless douche, but the irony is I've been where you are. Would you ever change your image, or downplay your success so that others will receive you better? Appearance is evrythng

Douche? For sure. Flawless? Come on! I'm flawed in many ways both personally and professionally - I mean my last business had an extremely public failure. My ego is a double edged sword in itself, it can bring me splendors but also cause me to be reckless. My default is loud, arrogant, and a fuck-you type of personality. Staying low key is something abnormal for me, but realistically I have nothing to prove to anyone now. I don't adjust who I am to appease others, I try to improve as a human being for myself .

2 days ago

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