ESU 6 Admin Report: Back To School!

(Some of) The News @ 6 You Can Use for August, 2022

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ESU 6 to Host Continuous Improvement Workshop October 11

We know Nebraska schools are striving to meet the needs of their students in an ever-changing landscape. This requires attention to data driven decisions and investments which can impact the actions and behaviors in the classroom and school environment. A continuous improvement model guides education providers to use tools, resources, and support which can identify needs; monitor progress; and demonstrate impact.

Join NDE accreditation, Cognia, and NeMTSS for a day of interactive learning and doing. Receive guided practice on updated materials from the Nebraska Continuous Improvement and Cognia along with Corresponding NeMTSS essential elements to increase the efficiency and clarity surrounding action planning.

Teamwork time will be embedded throughout the day so regardless of where you are in your accreditation cycle or what model you use to support continuous improvement; we look forward to supporting you.

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ESU 6 Awarded Multiple Educator Pipeline Grants by Department of Education

ESU 6 has been officially awarded Educator Pipeline grants by the Nebraska Department of Education in a competitive grant process which sought innovative programming solutions to address the state's educator workforce shortages. One winning grant focuses on developing the skills of high school students who aspire to be future educators, while the other focuses on enhancing leadership pathway opportunities for teacher leaders in ESU 6 districts through a cohort approach with UNL Educational Administration.

In partnership with the UNL Department of Educational Administration and the Nebraska Council of School Administrators (NCSA), ESU6 will pilot “Lead Nebraska” — a grassroots initiative to develop and nurture new educational leaders from within districts in which they currently serve. This is a grow-your-own leadership program aimed at current teachers identified by their districts as possessing the skills and dispositions for school leadership. The grant funding will sponsor a series of leadership development opportunities for participants, facilitated by Dr. Scott Sturgeon under the leadership of Dr. Nick Pace, UNL Ed Ad Department Chair. Focused on collaboration to build leadership capacity, this 100K Educator Pipeline grant will build leadership capacity by diversifying and expanding the number and range of qualified aspiring teachers pursuing administrative programs.

The second winning grant, dubbed “Grow Your Own," was awarded 100K from NDE to ESUs 6 & 9 to enhance future teacher recruitment while students are enrolled in our rural K-12 schools. Through the grant resources, ESUs 6 and 9 will implement strategies to encourage high schools students to enroll in teacher education programs, then to return to rural communities to launch and continue their careers in education. A primary avenue will be to partner with schools in ESUs 6 and 9 to launch new Educators Rising chapters. Educators Rising is a proven best practice program option supported by NDE with a state level sponsor and oversight that includes 27 existing Nebraska chapters.

A special congratulatory shout-out goes to Dr. Lynne Herr of ESU 6, who put countless hours into writing and researching for the submission of the "Grow Your Own" grant. ESUs 6 and 9 look forward to launching this grant in a multi-regional collaboration.

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Nebraska Public Schools. Rooted in Academics. Grown for Success.

It's more than a slogan. It’s a celebration. Our state's pride in its public education system is rooted in more than 150 years of academic excellence and student success. Nebraska's public schools are the beating heart of a state, and, this school year, we're going to show everyone why. Watch, like, and share the video today at
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ESU 6 Professional Development: Driving great outcomes to support teachers!

Professional Development Director April Kelley delivered the end-of-year summary report for 2021-22 to the ESU 6 Board at its August meeting. The infographic above conveys some of the great outcomes from the prior year's PD Team efforts with our districts. The ESU 6 Professional Development team provided services to teachers from all 16 member districts of ESU 6 during the past year, with overall reach exceeding 4K teacher contacts at nearly 250 separate professional learning events delivered by ESU 6 PD team members. PD team members also delivered services direct in-district to 15 of our 16 districts during the 2021-22 school year. As we look ahead to the 2022-23 school year, be sure to take advantage of the plethora of Professional Development opportunities available through the talented, dedicated ESU 6 PD team. You can view all upcoming Professional Development trainings at
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ELEVATE employee wellness incentive program year-end reminders!

The ELEVATE program year is almost complete! Please check your EHA Wellness account at now to see if you have met the requirements to receive your $150 VISA gift card in October.

ELEVATE program requirements:

· Personal Health Assessment (PHA) – closes on August 31, 2022.

· Form – must be signed by your health care provider and uploaded to your account by September 15, 2022. NO mailed or emailed forms will be accepted.

· Challenges – 3 challenges must be complete by September 15, 2022

Questions about your ELEVATE status or program requirements? Contact EHA Wellness at

Dr. John Skretta, ESU 6 Administrator

Dr. Skretta is the Educational Service Unit #6 Administrator. This month's photo features Milo, one of the Skretta family pets! Dr. Skretta's career experience in education includes teaching high school English and reading, serving as an assistant principal, high school principal, and school district superintendent prior to coming to ESU 6. He is a past Chair of NCSA and serves on the Information Resources and Legal Committees of the ESUCC.

Educational Service Unit #6

ESU 6 serves the educational needs of our 16 member school districts in five different counties, offering students and staff a comprehensive program of services, including:

  • Professional Development
  • Student Services
  • Technology
  • Production and Design

The highly qualified team members of ESU 6 will work directly with you and your staff to determine how we can tailor services to best meet your school's needs. ESU 6 is here to ADVOCATE, COLLABORATE, & COMMUNICATE with educators and systems across the ESU 6 area. Check out the new ESU 6 website to learn more!