Andrew Jackson

A Hero

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson did do some bad things like Trails of Tear , but he just wanted more land for America . He also made the spoil system which gave jobs . Maybe he did some bad things, but his good things make his bad things go away.

Closing the National Bank.

The National Bank was only helping the rich men , but the common man . Andrew Jackson was going to close the Bank . Then the Bank was finally close by Andrew Jackson.

The Spoil System

The Spoil System helps people who don't have jobs.Then it gives people jobs in the government of the USA.Only people who get jobs were the supports of Andrew Jackson.

Beating the British

Andrew Jackson was a general before becoming a President . His army was outnumber against of the British . Then Andrew jackson did beat the British.The battle was called The Battle of New Orleans.

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South Carolina

South Carolina did want to pay for Tariff , they wanted to leave United states . Then Andrew Jackson say he would use the army to South Carolina from leaving.

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Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency