Enternet Safty

By Colin

Safe Passwords

It's important to have safe pass words. asafe pass word shouldent be something easy to guess for example 12345 is a horrable password. a good password is motorvarible450dfj. when making a pasword try to youse some random letters in it to make very hard to acccses. Do not give out your passwords to people even your friends.

Personal Informational

Do not share personal information online. Like your first last or middle name. Dont give background information on yourself or your family. if somebody wants to meat you just log of what your on don't even replie to the qushtin if somebody invites you to something dont do unless its a relative or friend but do be carefull your friend could of been hacked.

Dont Share Passwords or Personal Information

Dont Disregaurd These Paper

Good Websites

when signing in to a to a website show your parent it to make sure its safe. if your parent alows you to login by yourself but there is something that doesnt make sence get an adults help. If a website looks unsafe just close the page. If a website promisses that its safe d'ont beleave it. If a website looks perfectly safe but then you stop beleaving that never go back to the website again.


If you follow these steps you can smile like these guy