WGHS Return to In-Person Learning

Students Begin In-Person Learning on November 12 and 13

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We are excited to see our students again!

In previous correspondence to families, the district shared notice that school and district officials were actively planning for the return of High School students in the not too distant future.

At last week’s Board of Education meeting, district administrators presented plans to initiate in-person learning for students in RLP starting as early as Nov. 11, with students at the High School attending on a hybrid schedule. The hybrid model has been selected to allow initial safety practices to be introduced in smaller groups and due to the number of classes at the High School with high enrollments

Please take time to review our plan for the return of in-person learning in November.

The transition to in-person learning begins the week of November 9.

November 9-10: Asynchronous learning for all high school students

November 11: Wednesday Early Release schedule

November 12: In-person learning for all freshmen & new students to WGHS (All other students in asynchronous learning)

November 13: In-person learning for ALL students

Daily Schedule for All Students (Responsive Plan AND Virtual Program)

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In-Person Learning Schedule

During in-person learning for those in the Responsive Plan, all students will attend either in the mornings or afternoons (depending on their last names and notable exceptions described below), on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Students will continue to follow their 4x4 block schedule. Wednesdays will be virtual and will dismiss early at 12:35 p.m., using the previously posted schedule.

For those who signed up for the Virtual Program initially at the beginning of the year, your classes will remain the same, meaning you will be logging in during the revised schedule's class time. All students will follow the same schedule as outlined above. Because our teachers are also teaching in-person classes, virtual students will have to follow the same schedule as those who are in school unless otherwise directed by your child’s teachers.

In-person learning will begin on Thursday, November 12 for Responsive Plan FRESHMEN & NEW STUDENTS TO WGHS ONLY. All other students will learn asynchronously.

ALL STUDENTS in the Responsive Plan will return to the high school for in-person learning on Friday, November 13.

To allow teachers adequate time to prepare their instructional spaces, ALL high school students will have asynchronous learning on Monday, November 9 and Tuesday, November 10.

Our daily in-person learning schedule is designed for:

  • Daily, face-to-face interaction between teachers and students

  • No student attendance during lunch hour in order to thoroughly clean/disinfect classrooms and common areas

  • Opportunity to provide smaller groups for teaching/reinforcing safety protocols

We encourage you to download the new schedule if you would like to print for reference.

In-person Learning Sessions

Morning Session

Students in the Responsive Plan with the last name beginning A-K will attend in-person on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:25 a.m. - 11:25 a.m. Other students who will attend the morning in-person learning include:

  • Senior Tech Students

  • Thrive Students

  • Students who reside at Epworth

  • Same residence siblings with different last name slotted by oldest last name

Afternoon Session

Students in the Responsive Plan with the last name beginning L-Z will attend in-person on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12:25 p.m. - 3:25 p.m. Other students who will attend the afternoon in-person learning include:

  • Junior Tech Students

  • Same residence siblings with different last name slotted by oldest last name

  • Bus Transportation Students (VICC/District)

Your student is not losing class time in the hybrid model.

Although in-person class time averages 40-45 minutes instead of the 90-minute blocks during virtual learning, students are still engaged in learning for the same amount of time due to the asynchronous portion each day.

Time Per Course on the Hybrid Model

[In-person learning class time of 40-45 minutes]


[Asynchronous portion at home of 40-50 minutes]

= 80-90 minutes per class period

Safety is our top priority.

As we transition to in-person learning, our priorities are to:

  • Require social distancing in classrooms and other learning areas.

    • Students must be a minimum of 3 feet apart and have assigned seats/shareable diagram in each classroom.

  • Limit gatherings of students; students will head straight to their first class upon entering the building and will not be allowed to congregate in the hallways in between classes. Students will not be allowed to use their lockers at this time.
  • Offer smaller group sessions and cohorts with stable settings by using a hybrid schedule.
  • Develop protocols that follow public health guidance regarding students wearing face coverings. All students will be required to wear face coverings except when eating, drinking or otherwise permitted.
  • Provide all teachers with hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, masks, and gloves. Teachers will wipe down surfaces after each class.

November Academic Calendar

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Putting All the Pieces Together for a Safe Return...

What to Bring/School Supplies

When returning to the building for in-person learning, students must bring the following:

  • MASK (must be worn before entering the building)
  • Backpack (locker use is not allowed)
  • Pens/pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Folders/binders
  • Textbooks/classroom supplies already in use
  • Personal hand sanitizer
  • Calculator (based on current courses)

Please keep your devices at home for now (even those issued by WGHS). Students will need their devices at home for the asynchronous portion of the day.

Self-Screening Procedure

WGSD is asking families to begin a daily routine that is vitally important to the success of the school year.

All Webster Groves SD families whose students will be returning to our school buildings will be asked to complete the daily screening for their students prior entering the school.

Parents/guardians of students who have chosen virtual learning will not be required to complete the daily survey for those students.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Daily Health Screening for Families

From the WGSD Nursing Staff


During in-person learning, there will be no morning bus transportation. All VICC/District busses will operate in the afternoon session only.


VICC Busses: VICC will communicate your bus route/bus number to you. All VICC students will attend the afternoon session.

District Busses: District busses will not offer an A.M. bus. District bus information was sent over the summer to all families. If you have already signed up via the Google form and NO LONGER wish to ride the bus, please contact Leigh McKittrick at mckittrick.leigh@wgmail.org.

If you would like afternoon bus transportation, please submit your request at the link below.

Bus Application

If you have any questions about transportation, please email mckittrick.leigh@wgmail.org.

Parking for Seniors/Juniors

In preparation for in-person learning (Responsive), seniors will be emailed a hyperlink on Friday, October 30 to their school email accounts. The link will allow seniors to request a parking permit for Webster Groves High School through the end of Term 2.

This link will go live on Monday, November 2, and seniors will have priority until the end of the school day Wednesday, November 4.

Junior parking is contingent upon availability. More information on Junior parking to follow.

Meal Service

Breakfast and lunch will be offered to all students free of charge. Students will be able to pick up breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria. Meals will be prepackaged with a hot entrée, fruit, vegetables and milk for their meals. During meal pick up, students will be encouraged to stand 6ft apart, with floor markers and wear masks while in line for their meals. Cafeteria seating will be spaced to maintain social distancing while in the café.

Nancy Schubert-Pelant MPH,MS,RD,LD

Director of Dining Services-Chartwells

What if I change my mind and want my child to switch to online learning from in-person classes?

Due to the fact that we designed our staffing and programming model around families

electing to participate in the Virtual Program, students are strongly encouraged to remain in the WGSD Responsive Program once they start. Once we return to in-person learning, all WGHS staff will be utilized in the classroom using direct instruction. Ultimately, any students who were to switch from the Responsive Plan to the Virtual Program would be enrolled in asynchronous, third-party provider courses (Launch, Edgenuity, etc.) for the remainder of the semester.

If you still have questions regarding moving to the Virtual Program from the Responsive Plan, please contact your child's assistant principal or counselor.

For more information...

Dr. Jason Newland, a Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, provides detailed information on in-person learning during a pandemic, and answers relevant questions from a neighboring school district.

Rockwood Hosts Safe Together Webinar with Dr. Jason Newland - YouTube

Rockwood Hosts Safe Together Webinar with Dr. Jason Newland