By: Jaime Dancey

Job description

Radiologists use imaging technologies such as x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, PETs and CTs to diagnose diseases, injuries, and other disorders in patients.

Do not confuse radiologists with radiologist technologists. Technologists are the professionals who operate the imaging technology, and radiologists are the ones who interpret the results.

Since radiologists do not offer treatment themselves, they consult with physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals to discuss their test results, so they can develop plans for treatment.

Compared to other occupations in the medical field, radiologists spend very little (if any) time interacting directly with patients. Instead, their interaction is reserved for the doctors and other healthcare professional involved in requesting and processing the digital images.

Skills needed

communication skills, thinking skills, physical skills, clinical skills, and education

level of education

Radiologist would need a medical degree. Requires 4 years of course work and medical residency after earning an undergraduate degree.


$365,000 per annum

Lowest: $271,000

Highest: $486,500