Medical Times

New Way to Examine the Inside of the Human Body

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Wilhelm Rontgen and the discovery of the X-Ray

Physicist Wilhelm Rontgen of Germany very recently discovered a new frequency that can be discharged and read. This frequency, now called the X-Ray, is set to be used in the medical field as a way of examining the bones hidden beneath the skin of the human body. The X-Ray will allow doctors to examine bones that are suspected to be broken, to positively determine whether or not the bone is truly broken.

New Sport Created Called Mintonette

A new sport has been created, and has been given the name " Mintonette". The main object of the game is to get the ball to come in contact with the ground inside the boundaries of the the opposing team's court. Read more into the rules and regulations of this new hobby on page 1B.

First African American to Receive a Ph.D.

W.E.B. Du Bois recently became the first African American to obtain a Ph.D. from a university. Du Bois received his Ph.D. in Social Studies from the University of Harvard. Many see this as a massive step in the Civil Rights movement, and also towards equality for everyone. Read more about Du Bois on page 2A.

First Automobile Race

The very first automobile race concluded after 10 hours of brutal travel through 54 miles of snow-covered roads. Racer Frank Duryea came in first, completing the race in just over 10 hours. Duryea powered through multiple breakdowns and horrible conditions to win the race and a grand prize of $2,000. Read more about the race and its participants on page 3A.