Come One, Come All, To The Greatest

Country Of Them All...Canada!

Come to Canada because.....

You should come to Canada because we have lots of farm lands to work on and live on. We have an amazing education system, We have been teaching with the best educational system for over 100 years. We have millions of jobs that become available daily. We have lots of great stores to shop at. When you're done with your hard days work take a small trip to one of our many great tourist attractions, or enjoy a lovely cooked meal at one of our finest restaurants!

Wanna See If You Can Stay In Canada?

Before You Can Stay In Canada....

To enter Canada you need to submit the following:
-complete a formal application and submit it to citizenship and immigration Canada
-Pay an application fee
-pass a medical exam that shows you do not have illnesses that could endanger canadians or strain Canada’s health care system.
-Pass a security check that shows you have no criminal record and are not a security risk to Canada.