The holidays are here

December doTerra update


Welcome to all new members! If you were a part of the diamond club event in November, thank you for joining my team! I am looking forward to sharing with you!
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Oil users love to say "When in doubt get the Frank out!" This oil has a wide range of uses, too many to be listed here! its great added to face creams for its anti aging properties! According to Modern Essentials its properties are "anticatarrhal, anticancer, antidepressant, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti tumor, expectorant, immune stimulant and sedative" I start my morning with 1 drop of Frankincense under my tongue, it creates a sense of balance and helps me get my day started off right. This oil is $69.75 wholesale, $93 retail. This is a great annual deal that is offered to us by doterra. If you can place an order large enough to get this free oil I would highly recommend it, or maybe just give the oil a try!
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Cassia & Holiday Joy

Cassia has been known since biblical times for its calming effects, as well as being an immune system booster. I love to use it in cooking where I would use cinnamon (just 1 drop at first, its very strong!!) This is a HOT oil, dilute appropriately with a carrier oil (Fractioned Coconut Oil), and be careful of inhaling as it may irritate your nasal passages!

Holiday Joy is just a fun oil. I have been diffusing it all holiday season, in my house and my car! Its a festive cinnamon blend :)

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To receive the product of the month, you must place an LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) order, however to receive the FREE Frankincense you may place a standard order. Keep an eye on your PV, not just your OV :)

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