Forensic Pathology

by Sara Smith

What is Forensic Pathology?

Forensic Pathology is when you have to determine the cause of death by examining a corpes. It is not only used for examining the corpes' as a Pathologist, some states have them work in clinics to help with the patients that have been sexually assaulted or abused. Pathology is used during investigations such as murders, suicides or any unexpected deaths. This means that Forensic Pathology is, in fact, involved with the police department.

The History of Pathology

It is said that Forensic Pathology dates all the way back to 44 BC. The first known examination was when Julias Ceasar was sleign by his party and his examiner found that his body had 23 wounds but only one of them was fatal. In 1507 the first written records of examination occured in Europe.

Type of Schooling

In order to be a Forensic Pathologist, the years that are required for you to take in college are between 13-15 years. In high school the requirements for getting into a medical school, is to take advanced math and science classes. Having good writing skills will also help you ge into the medical field. The classes they expect you to take in college are all the required math and science classes and also a prerequisites for medical school. One other important thing about Forensic Pathology is that you must earn a bachelor's degree, then your masters.


The salary for Pathologist dpepends on how experienced you are in the field. Say you've been working in Pathology for 1-4 years, your salary would be anywhere from $53,500 to $114,650 per year. If you have more experience in the field then your salary becomes higher. The avergae salary can range from $80,000 to $200,000 per year.