By: Charlie, Alicia, David, Ashten, and Meredith

What is bullying?

Bullying is aggresive unwanted behavior between kids that is repeated or will get repeated. Kids that are bullies and bullied may have serious lasting problems.

What are types of bullying?

  • Cyberbullying - electronic communication to bully a person
  • Verbal Bullying - using words in a negative way to gain power over someone else
  • Physical Bullying - bullying that hurts someone’s body or damages their possessions
  • Emotional Bullying - bullying designed to make someone ashamed or afraid or upset

What is a bully?

A bully is a person that uses superior strength or influence to intimidate someone to force them to do what they want.

How can you stop bullying?

You can stop bullying by tellin parents, school staff, and other adults in the community that you are being bullied.

“I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.” ― Abraham Lincoln