Rape works both ways, help men get the support they need

The Purpose

A clinic focusing on men who have been sexually abused will contribute to the awareness of experiences of sexual abuse among men and make it more possible to meet mens needs in a very exposed situation.

The Outcome

Opening support clinics catered towards men who have been sexually abused will help them speak up and lower the rate of men going psychologically insane and/or killing themselves.
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The stereotypes of men being the sexual predator, always sexual, always wanting something holds back makes them hesitant to report any form of sexual victimization due to not being taken seriously. AND, if male survivors do report any act of sexual assualt laid upon them, they are questioned their masculinity and manhood - this needs to be changed.

Sexual Violence In The Military

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The world has shut out the fact that men DO get sexual assualted, by males, females, family, friends, etc. They suffer from the same truama females do, and infact while they are off saving citizens of the world in military forces, they are still getting assualted, and get no treatment for that ontop of all the PTSD they already have. Studies have shown that men are being more sexually assualted in military forces over females, but hold back from reporting.
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Pulling It All Together

5 Sobering Facts about Male Rape

Support Centers

  • Canadian Associarion for Equality (CAFE)
  • Sexual Assualt Care Centre for Quinte & District
  • Scarborough Hospital Sexual Assault Care Centre
  • Little Warriors
  • British Colombia Society for Male Survivores of Sexual Abuse

*In Canada Only

This Is Only For the Betterment of Society.