Monday Memo

January 19, 2015

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  • Make sure that you are completing the data analysis in a timely manner. The data should help drive your instruction.
  • Make sure you are regularly updating your website and gradebook. Parents regularly look at our website and parent portal. Teachers should have grades posted by the end of school Monday of the week following the assignment due date to enter grades.
  • We have another required training to complete through Safe Schools. The link is on the Ponder website. Go to the district home page. Click on For Staff, Technology, scroll to the very bottom - Related Web Site Links, Safe Schools. You will have to login like at the beginning of the year. Complete the Mental Health module. It's 26 minutes. Please have it completed by Jan. 31st.
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Jan. 19 Staff Development Day

Jan. 20 Happy Birthday Jessica Tipton

Jan 21 Elementary PLC

Happy Birthday Sue Dourgarian

Jan. 22 6:30 UIL Award Ceremony

Jan. 24 Happy Birthday Dian McDaniel

Happy Birthday Dianna Hansbury

Jan. 26 Happy Birthday Rachel Brandon

10:45 ARD for MN Castillo, Steigleder, Puckett

2:15 ARD for YTC Fedde, Espolt

Jan. 27 8:15 ARD for JW Castillo, Puckett

Jan. 28 3 Week Reports

3:40 Staff Meeting

Jan. 29 Elementary Technology Cadre Meeting

2:15 504 Meeting for SA Wendt

3:40 Staff Meeting

Go forth and work miracles!