SSR 5th Six Weeks

Kaylee Barr, Evidente-7th

Book Title: Christy Miller- Volume 1

Author: Robin Jones Gunn


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Peer Pressure

Author: Calvin Hart

Sometimes in life it's hard to tell,
What we should or should not do,
Just because my friends do something,
Does that mean I should do it to?
I want so much to be accepted,
I want so bad to just fit in,
Should I join in and follow the crowd,
Although what they do might be a sin?

If I say no, will they laugh at me?
Or no longer be my friend?
Will they think that I'm a coward,
If I don't go with the trend?

When they run the streets,
And smoke and drink,
And generally act a fool,
If they invite me to go,

And I say no,
Will they think that I'm uncool?

If someone hands a joint to me,
And says.."everyone's doing it",
Will I turn and leave like I know I should?
Or will I take a hit?

I'm under a lot of pressure,
To let loose and go with the flow,
It's often easier to go along,
Than to stand and just say no.

On the other hand ....

If I asked them to go to church with me,
Do you think that they would come?
Or would they roll their eyes at me,
And act like I was dumb?

If I should ask those friends of mine,
To kneel with me and pray,
Would they shake their heads and laugh at me,
Then go their separate ways?

Would they laugh at me, if I tried to tell them,
How Jesus died for their sins?
If they do, then I think it is time,
That I found some better friends.

But I will still try to talk to them,
About Jesus and His love,
I'll tell them of salvation,
And of Heaven up above.

And when temptation comes to me,
And I feel pressure, lust or fright,
I'll try to do what the Bible tells,
That Jesus said was right.

Paragraph for Book

A life lesson that was found in "Christy Miller" was that peer pressure can be an extremely negative thing as well as an extremely positive thing. The main character in the book, Christy, was pressured into making a choice that would have pulled her away from God, however she made the right choice. Although she had her friends voice playing over and over in her head and she kept thinking to herself "maybe if I only take one...what harm can one do?" (Gunn, 238), she realized that "she didn't need to try diet pills" (Gunn,238) because "she would have regretted it later" (Gunn, 238). Christy was influenced in a good way by a boy she grew strong feelings for when he made her realize that she hasn't "actually gotten into the boat yet" (Gunn, 103). Although he wasn't forcing her to believe in God and take the next step he opened the door for her and showed her what the right choice to make was. Christy was given the choice and "it all made sense was time to get in the boat" (Gunn, 176).

Paragraph for Poem

The life lesson that was proven in the book was also shown in the poem "Peer Pressure". The title explains exactly what and how peer pressure can affect someone with an unsure mind. Most teenagers can agree that it is "easier to go along, than to stand and just say no" (Hart). Pressure from friends to do the wrong thing can take a toll on the teens who would say that they have a strong relationship with God. They have accepted "Jesus and His love" (Hart), however they know that they wont't be accepted by their friends and that sometimes it becomes more important to them. However peer pressure can end up being a positive thing to the kids who refuse to give in and then get rid of the old friends because they eventually have "found some better friends" (Hart).