Gladiators and The Hunger Games

Are the odds ever in our favor?

Warm-Up: The World of Panem

On your own sheet of paper, create a list of defining features that Panem has that our current society does not have. For example: Panem has districts and America has states.

(Use this list to help you with the questions at the end of this flier.)

Classwork: Comparing and Contrasting History and the Implied Future

Read the link below, watch the video clip, and analyze the photo below to help you compare and contrast history (Roman Gladiators) and the implied future (Panem Tributes). Create a Venn Diagram on your own sheet of paper to help you record these notes.
Gladiator Training
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Questions for Discussion

As a whole class we are going to discuss the questions below. To help prepare yourself, use your notes to jot down bullets of what you would like to say under each question:

1) How are gladiators and tributes alike? How are they different?

2) How does our current society compare to both of these places in time?

3) What comment to society is Suzanne Collins making by creating a world (Panem) that is similar to our past?

4) What should we do as a society to change our current social norms?

Exit Slip: Create a Bumper Sticker

To sum up all the information we have learned today, create a bumper sticker that a current revolutionist would have on his/her car. Email me your bumper sticker when you have finished.