The Historians

Article 24 December 14, 2015

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Born - November 12, 1825

Died - October 26, 1902

About Her

Elizabeth was an excellenct and desivce leader. She was persistent with her belief that all human's rights should be equal. She was the woman that gave you rights(if you're a girl). She's the one that gave most, if not all the people, what we consider inalienable rights. But before we discuss any of that, we need to first discuss her life. She was born in a large family, so that she was one of the younger people in the family.


Elizabeth Cady Stanton impacted the world in many ways, but there is one thing about her that will never be forgotten. She will never be forgotten, for achieving the goal of equal rights. That was something that most women dreamed of happenning, but they couldn't even dream of coming true. What she accomplished was truly a miracle that most people only dream of coming true.