DWE Weekly Bulletin

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A note from Leah

Dearest Winborn Family,

My heart is full with the amazing amount of support from students, staff, and parents. I could not imagine a more beautiful transition to becoming your Principal. I am honored and excited for what is in store for our students and this campus. Tuesday was an emotional day as I moved into the ‘big’ office from my ‘little’ office around the corner and started to make adjustments. Seeing all of your faces and feeling the embrace from the Winborn family at the faculty meeting, I had a vulnerable moment in showing my emotions. This emotion was from my heart in the form of passion, because of you and our students. I believe in you, our students, and this community! Even though we are undergoing change, remember that the only constant in life is change. Without this change we will never see the butterflies! Let’s all keep the momentum going in the right direction even with the change in variables because it is all about the KIDS. Once again, thank you for your support and embrace!


Leah Lowry

P.S. Shake off any Monday Morning Blues instead choose to celebrate the difference you are making in lives! Starting this coming Monday, March 28th enjoy blue jeans every Monday until the end of the year! You deserve it!

School Holiday!

Friday, March 25th is a school holiday. It is also a holiday for our custodians so the building is closed on Friday. We will not be opening the building this weekend so everyone can enjoy a long relaxing weekend doing whatever it is you enjoy:)

Upcoming Events!

Leah for announcements, Zero week in the library, F&P Testing Window 3/21 - 5/13;, TELPAS Window 3/7-4/6, No RTI/Academic Collaboration, STAAR Testing

Monday, 3/28 - Rotation Day 2, Chess Club 7:30am, I-station 7:45am, 4th Grading Period Begins, Jeans Day! No PDAS Observations, Challenge, ADA Audit 8-11am, Report card grades submitted, Dr. Phillips' groups meet, Admin Meeting 9:30am, IC Meeting 12pm, Katy ISD Board Meeting 6:30pm

Tuesday, 3/29 - Rotation Day 0, Dress for Success! No Choir Rehearsal, I-station 7:45am, STAAR 4th Writing & 5th Gr. Math, 3rd & 4th grades switch specials times, Sacred Planning, Grade changes submitted, Closed Campus, Challenge, No ASD

Wednesday, 3/30 - Rotation Day 0, I-station 7:45am, Dress for Success! STAAR 5th Gr. Reading, Closed Campus, No ASD, Sacred Planning, Report cards generated and grades displayed in HAC, No Drama Club rehearsal

Thursday, 3/31 - Rotation Day 3, I-station 7:45am, 3 hour detention (Nichols) if needed, Eagle Art Crew 3:45pm, Report cards delivered, STAAR Make Up Session

Friday, 4/1 - Rotation Day 4, Choir Rehearsal 7:15am, Drama Club 7:15am, ICs off campus

STAAR Information

STAAR is scheduled for next week, March 29 and March 30. Attached is the map of the building where testing will occur, along with the lunch, recess, and specials schedule. Please review and let me know if changes need to be made.

STAAR and TELPAS Reminders:

· TELPAS will use Lab 61 on March 23, 24, and 28.

· STAAR testing days and closed campus, March 29 and 30.

· Follow the special schedule for both days, bring your students to the gym to meet the Special teachers.

· Library and Science lab are closed on testing days.

· No intervention due to their testing assignments.

· 3rd and 4th grade are switching lunches on March 29th.

Please let Susie know if you have any questions.

STAAR Lunch, Recess & Specials Schedule (Round 1)

Please see below the STAAR lunch, recess and specials schedules for round 1 of STAAR Testing.
Big image

Remind 101

We know that many staff members have missed the Remind 101 messages, so Leah has set up a new Remind 101! Please see the instructions below for signing up.
Big image

Library Reminder

Next Week, March 28th through May 1st is ZERO WEEK in the library for classes and checkout due to STAAR Testing.

We will have very limited time for checkout only on Thursday and Friday. Please understand that there may not be a time that works for everyone, we will do our best to accommodate as many classes as possible that choose to sign up. Use the Google Doc Link below IF YOU CHOOSE to sign up for a checkout time on Thursday or Friday of next week. VERY IMPORTANT: RETURN BOOKS ASAP on Thursday and Friday morning by 8:45am if you are checking out.


LIBRARY OFFICE will be used for testing on Tuesday and Wednesday. Plotter, phones and computers will be turned off so as not to disturb the testing environment. Kim will be in the library monitoring testing environment on Wednesday, but will not be allowed to assist with any library needs.

Katy ISD Teacher Fair

Calling all teachers! Please consider helping us at the Katy ISD Teacher Fair this year! It is April 23rd in the morning (8-11am tentatively). It is a fun experience meeting and greeting perspective teacher candidates!

Primary Computer Lab Closed April 12th & 14th

We will have Kinder & 1st grade registration on April 12th and Pre-K registration on April 14th in the Primary Computer Lab, therefore the lab will be closed to all classes for these two days. This is necessary due to the online enrollment process that is now a requirement.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Challenge Field Trip April 13th

The Challenge Field Trip is on April 13th. We will be leaving in the morning and students will go to their regular classrooms when we return, around 2:00.

April 13th will be the Challenge day for all students that week.

Upcoming Math Night

We will have Math Night on April 12th for Winborn families!

Drama Club Performances Coming Up

On April 27th the Drama Club will perform for all grade levels. Pre-K, Kinder, 1st and 2nd at 2:30pm and 3rd, 4th & 5th at 3pm.

Thank you

Aimee Krauss for ordering and receiving our STAAR snacks and water.

Susie Loyd for coordinating TELPAS tests and providing STAAR training.

Nizzy Khan and Sarah English and for the Math Camp they have done with our 5th grade students in preparation for STAAR.

Andee Casarez and Kay Elliott for facilitating the TELPAS testing.

The Specials team for hosting a great shower for Betty Montilla!

Spring Creek Barbeque Coupons

You will find a $10 coupon to Spring Creek Barbeque in your mailbox today! The note below is what was sent out by the Partners in Education Department earlier today.

Each spring, one of our most devoted and generous School-Business Partners, Spring Creek Barbeque, makes a sizeable contribution to Katy ISD.

By donating a $10 gift certificate to every single Katy ISD employee (there are more than 8,600 of us!), Spring Creek expresses its support for the work we all do…..whether teaching children, driving buses or keeping our facilities clean.

Partners in Education dearly values our relationship with Spring Creek and we hope that, before you redeem your certificate at their restaurant, you’ll write a note of thanks on it so their staff will know how much they are appreciated!

With THANKS from the

Partners in Education Department

Janet Theis

Cassandra Hedgpeth

Martha Brown

Tammy Stringer

Heather Sanders

Marlene Alban

Cassandra Hedgpeth

Katy ISD Partners in Education Coordinator

Week of April 4th - April 8th

Tina for announcements, Blue week in the library, TELPAS Window 3/7-4/6, F&P Testing 3/2 - 5/13, 4th Gr. Reading DLA 4/4 - 4/15, STAAR ALT Window 4/4 - 4/22, Academic Collaboration Kinder, 5th & 4th

Monday, 4/4 - Rotation Day 5, Jeans Day! Challenge, Admin Meeting 9:30am, Check In Check Out Meeting 10:30am, Lego Club 3:45pm in the gym, New Teacher Meeting 4pm

Tuesday, 4/5 - Rotation Day 6 - Academic Collaboration for Kinder, Choir Rehearsal 7:15am, Leadership Team for Leah 8am-2:30pm, Challenge, Sacred Planning, School Store during lunches, PBIS Committee Meeting 4pm, ASD - Casarez, Employee Service Awards 5:30pm

Wednesday, 4/6 - Rotation Day 1, Academic Collaboration for 5th, Eagle Drummer Rehearsal 7:15am, Sacred Planning, IC Meeting 12pm, AP Meeting 2pm, Drama Club 3:45pm, ASD - Luna

Thursday, 4/7 - Rotation Day 2, Academic Collaboration for 4th, Student Council Meeting 7:30am, 4th Gr. Reading DLA, Faculty Meeting 4pm, No ASD

Friday, 4/8 - Rotation Day 3, Choir Rehearsal 7:15am, Drama Club 7:15am, 3rd Gr. Field Trip 8:30am-2pm, SOAR Store for Kinder (4th Gr) 12:30, SOAR Store for 1st (5th) 1:10pm

5th Grade Party Fundraiser

See the information below about the 5th Grade Party Fundraiser Garage Sale going on in our back parking lot on Saturday, April 2nd..
Big image