A Trip to the Masters

Wonder what that would be like?

Imagine being between the ropes

April is the month that I dream about every year. With April comes the Maters, the most coveted golf tournament of the year. It is defined by its rich traditions, and glorified for it's beauty. Standing on the tee box of Amen Corner is every patrons dream. Augusta Nationals can not be defined but simply imagined.

Golfs Greatest Course

In 1933 Augusta Nationals was founded by the late great Bobby Jones, who to this day still own the title for greatest amutar to ever play the game of golf. Through the years the course has been modified and pedicured in ways that makes Augusta Nationals separate itself from other course. Through the years many greats have claimed the coveted green jacket that ever champion has the privilege of wearing after mastering this course and becoming champion. With this great course comes great traditions such as

1. The Champions Dinner

All past champions meet on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate each others accomplishments

2. The par 3

On Wednesday all golfers participate in a 9-hole par 3 competition. tradition has it that golfers use their children, wives, parents, or best friends for their caddies on this day

3. The Opening Tee Shot

Early on Thursday morning Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and Jack Nicklous will start the day by participating in honorary tee shots

4. The Champions Locker Room

At Augusta there are two different locker rooms, one for the past champions and one for the rest of the field that is playing in the tournament.

5. The Green Jacket

The Green Jacket is arguably the most recognized rewards in all of sports. At the end of Sunday the champion is always presented the coveted Green Jacket by the past champion

Here is a inside look at what the Jacket is about Jacket


Please Come and Visit the Greatest Place on Earth