Hanging Rock Mountain

By Kellyn Soutad

It was Valentines Day, February 14,2015,and Dillon was driving Michelle, Kimberly, Katherine and I. It was an incident where Michelle and I almost died. It happened in Mountain 10:00.a.m-10:00.p.m.When this incident happened i was a rebel person then I am now.
When we got to the mountains, my friends and I were starting to set the camp materials. When we finished setting the camp materials we went hiking (We hiked for an hour). During hiking we sat close to a cliff to take a break and relax. When I was on the cliff I could see a beautiful image. In that image I could see the wind blowing on the trees, I could feel a cold breeze as the wind come toward me, and I could also hear the birds singing. Then Dillon, Michelle, Kimberly, Katherine and I had finished taking a break and kept hiking.
30 minutes passed, we weren't even close to the place we wanted to be at, so we kept walking.

''The sun is starting to set and I don't think we are going to get there on time,'' Michelle complained as we were walking.

''Don't worry we are,'' Dillon said.

''Okay,'' Michelle answered like she didn't care what he said.

''Okay guys stop talking before Michelle and you start arguing, it's only 5:00.p.m, I think we are going to get there on time,'' I said.

Katherine didn't care at what time we got there, so she didn't say a word.

After a long walk we were finally at the place we wanted to be.

''See Michelle, I told you we were going to get here on time, it's only 5:30.p.m.,'' I said.

''Yeah, Now look up, you know that we all have to climb that and it will take a long time to climb that,'' Michelle said.

''Well, girls you all have to get ready to climb this rock mountain and if you all want to there on time hurry up,'' Dillon said.

''Wow, that's a huge rock mountain ,'' I said.

''Would you guys hurry and stop talking,'' Katherine said.

''Now you want to say something , lets just hurry for we can get there quickly,'' Kimberly said as Michelle, Katherine, Dillon, and I were getting ready.

We started climbing the mountain and it was starting to get a little dark , so I started to get worry on how we were going to climb down the mountain if i was going to be more dark .

''Finally,''Michelle said gladly.

We stayed there for an hour, we took pictures , we did a lot of fun things, we relax. An hour passed and it was already dark but we still had to climb down the mountain to get to our camp place.

Katherine was the first one, Kimberly was the 2nd, Michelle 3rd, I 4th, and Dillon was the last one to climb down the mountain . When we were climbing down Michelle step on the wrong rock and slip , so then she grabbed my foot and slipped too,When I slipped off the rock I had hurt my head with a rock that I grabbed(it was bleeding a little). My head was hurting, I was so scared that I started crying and praying to God to give me strength to hold on the rock longer for me not to fall down with Michelle and die.

''Dillon help i cant hold to rock 'help' hurry,'' I said anxiously what would happen.Michelle are you okay, yes she said. But i can't hold longer to your leg, she said that like she was about to let go of my leg.

''Michelle'' Whatever you do don't let go be strong and hold on tight. Okay, she answered.

Then a minute had passed and i couldn't hold on to the rock longer , so my hand had slipped of the rock...

Dillon had grabbed my hand just in time to save our life's .

''Thank God '' I said in tears .

''Yeah,'' Michelle said too.

I thought we were both going to die for sure . Minutes passed and we got safe to the ground (after the incident happen). Michelle and I were still frightened . Then we were walking for another hour to get to our camp place.Finally, we got to our camp place. When we got there we ate and went to sleep. Michelle and I didn't say a word at all until the next day (we were both so terrified).

The next day ,I was a different person because if it wasn't for Dillon and God , Michelle and I would of been dead.On that Day I learned that , ''People have to enjoy life while they can, until the moment of impact comes and your life is at risk of death''. The knowledge i had gained of the incident is to be careful and watch your step where ever you go.