Data Security

Aaron Brown

Fact: 1

Twitter was hacked in 2011 including Fox News and NBC News and 250,000 user accounts were hacked in the process there usernames together with their encrypted and passwords were all hacked

Fact: 2

The Hacking Company that profomred this hacking goes by the names of

TH3 5CR1PT K1DD3S. and everytime they hack a website or anything they post the words

"H4CK3D BY TH3 5CR1PT K1DD3S." when they hacked NBC they posted False Tragedy Events they would cause panic.

Fact: 3

Twitter Spent months and month of improving their security for the better to protect their users and so far they are putting together a Security system that is the same that online banking Websites have they are that serious about protecting their users that they are putting in the time and want the best top of the line security.
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Fact: 4

The next Security data that Twitter is developing will be very detailed with Private information you will now be able to send private messages, protect certain tweets you want to protect they are also adding Twitter connections section to where it will connect you to people within your area so by this hacking they are Twitter is improving them website so in the end it betters Twitter and makes the users feel more safe

What i Learned

basically what i learned from the article and from what the video and from Hacking in general when researching it is that it can be done very easily these days it seems like because not alot of company's and websites have the high quality programs that they need to protect their websites and it can be hacked very easily also what i leanred was just by hacking a websites like a tiwtter account and poasting false imformation really causes people to be panic and not know what to do people will belive what they hear from NBCs Twitter because they follow them and they are a big company/News company and its just crazy how they could be hacked that easy and flase things can be posted and people belive it untill they come out and say its false but by the time they do that all the people that heard it is panicing and it could of caused a bunch of bad things to happen in the wait time. i also learned that when a huge company is hacked by hackers the company always corrects their security system so they are more protected and so it wont happen again because no one wants that to happen regardless so when you think about it its kinda a good thing when a company gets hacked becauses its a learning process its basically a hint that they should probly fic their secuirty and they more then likey always does so when you think about it a company being hacked is kinda a good thing but it can be bad if the hackers take information that they shouldnt have so it has its perks and cons when being hacked.
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