Cordelia Hills Update


Principals Message

I know this distance learning can be a grind day in and day out. The days blend together and it is hard to stay motivated when your scholars are not physically in front of you each day. I appreciate all that you do. I receive daily praise for all the work you are doing. While there is much frustration over our situation, I have no doubt that our parents and students recognize your hard work, effort, and skill during this time period. They tell me all the time!

Staff Parade

We will host a staff parade through Cordelia on Tuesday, May 5th. I'd like to start as close as possible to 9 AM. Meet here at the school and please observe social distancing recommendations and guidelines. Both lots will be open but the physical building will be closed to help with maintaining the safety of all staff.

PTA is sponsoring a luncheon that day and Karen has already reached out to you to see if you wanted lunch. The lunches will be available in front of the site and they will be a no contact pick up. The list of streets and map are below:

List of Streets

Map of Parade

Big picture

**Progress Reports**--Updated notes from last week

A reminder that we are expected to write PRs for students as if we were still physically in school. My recommendation is to include a line that recognizes the reality we are in. Some have written: "I realize that distance learning may be difficult for students and appreciate any and all effort you can put forth during this period." Here is what you need to know:

1. PRs are still done in Illuminate and parents will check them in Illuminate. The window is currently open.

2. If we were in school and you would be writing a progress report for a student, you will still do that during this distance learning period.

3. They are visible to parents on May 8th.

4. Grades can not decrease from the last report card. They can remain the same or improve.

5. This will be a sensitive topic for parents, so please be extra kind in the comments.

Some of yo

Student/Class Celebrations

Thank you to everyone for giving me shout outs for your classes and students. Keep them coming. I've been able to recognize numerous students on the morning announcements and appreciate your time with this. Just send me a quick update or message about your class, some students, or specific students. Also, feel free to share photos or artifacts and I will do my best to highlight them throughout the week!

What do I do if I have a student who is not CONNECTING at all?

1. Attempt contact by email AND phone.

2. If #1 fails, PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM: Distance Learning Form

3. Once the form is filled, please attempt regular contact. In the meantime, I will work with Karen to make contact.

4. If we are still unable to make contact, we will work Student Services to track families down.

SEL, Mindfulness, Inner Explorer At Home

Mr. Matthew is available. Reach out if you would like him to join a class session or to share resources.

Inner Explorer Links are below.

Thanks to the teachers who have put systems in place for checking in with students each day.

Library Services--Did you know!

Elaine James is available to meet and to share resource. District Librarians have been hard at work culling and developing resources for Distance Learning.

Please read the email from Elaine James with the endless number of links and resources. Please share that information with your families. If anything, we just hope our kids are reading each day!

These are the links from the email but I recommend you read her message:

Destiny Discover