Vitality with One Simple Change!

Dr. Jan Roberto is a medical doctor who has been practicing full time Family Medicine in Springfield Ohio for the past 26 yrs. She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and is an active member of the Medical Staff of the Springfield Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Jan is passionate about the message of staying healthy by choosing a lifestyle that promotes wellness and longevity. She has been on her own Healthy Lifestyle Journey for the past 11 yrs. and desires to share solutions with as many people as possible. Juice plus is an amazing tool that helps people bridge the gap with consistent concentrated plant based nutrition.

She has been speaking around the country and in small group settings. Helping others see the VALUE of investing in their Vitality; which includes looking good, having energy and staying well.

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 7pm

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Colorado Springs, CO

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