By : Tiara Bernal - Sanchez

The Wants and Need that the NFL has

There are so many wants and needs in the NFL. One of the needs in the NFL is that their money goes to people in need. What I am saying is that the NFL helps people. The wants of the NFL is that how some of the players send there money on thing that doesn't matter.

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The Purpose Of The NFL

I think the purpose of the NFL is to make people who love football or any kind of team to support them. For an a example your team is going to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl tickets cost about 1,000 dollars and you have to go, so you go that is 1,000 more dollars that the NFL has and what do they spend it on. Your guess is better them mine. That means there are so many Purpose of the NFL like how they spend there money on what Purpose does the NFL spend there money and time on. Well that's what I think the Purpose of the NFL.

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The Motivation Of The NFL

I think the motivation of the NFL is the Players, Why. Well because the players have one goal in there minds on the field is winning. Some players do care about other people. Like helping people in need. There are so many Motivation on the NFL like the players family that support them and they have there team helping them on the field and in the road.

What kind of business is the NFL

I think the business that the is NFL is like is (mangment, also a little of marketing.) Mangment is one because the NFL works with people in the orgaizaion. Also saying that they work with the other teams, for example the hold NFL have one goal. The Super Bowl.

Mangment something like that. Then there's Marketing, the NFL has a lot of marketing Product and Prices they use the products to make