Daily Night Watch Update

Viadeo KPIs as of June 18th 2013 - Lunch time

The Night Watch is a daily meeting of all business analysts to share insights and escalate issues about our key performance indicators (KPIs). All check points can be found in today's confluence page.


Hi, everything is fine from my part, we are expecting an increase on new members today thanks to the redirect to the acquisition made from SEO!

Julie Buire - jbuire@viadeoteam.com


Nothing special except previous warning on company creations - today creations figures are good!

Clémentine Blanchon - cblanchon@viadeoteam.com


Off this week.

Kristine Romero - kromero@viadeoteam.com


  • Number of Positions came back to a correct level
  • Number of mini profile consultations is still low (-6% vs D-1, -23% vs 4 weeks average)
  • Number of distinct connections could be better (-4.8% vs D-1, -6.6% vs 4 weeks average)

Frédéric Chancholle - fchancholle@viadeoteam.com

Search & Reco

To come

Pierre-Emmanuel Servant - pservant@viadeoteam.com