everything you need to know

about Zeus


Zeus overthrew his father Cronus the leader of the titans when there was a battle between the titans and the Olympians and when he won he drew his brothers and sisters such a Poseidon, Hera, and Hestia

they settled at mount Olympus the home of the Greek gods but we are only explaining one person, Zeus.

Zeus is found in many arts, vases, and statues of him, he is mostly pictured as him on the throne since he is king of the gods.

he married Hera as her queen and wife (most probably because Hera is the goddess of marriage) she did do several attempts of attacking Zeus and others such as for example she made Heracles driven mad and killed his wife and children.

Zeus did some punishments too. for example when Hera started a rebellion against Zeus she got hanged from the sky with golden chains.