Ghana Empire

West Africa


Ghana was the first great African empire of the western Sudan. Soninke (Mande people who descend from the bafour and are cloesy realted to the imraguem of mauritania) founded Ghana as early as the year 300 and it lasted around 1200. Ghana became known for its rich culture, wealth, organization, and power. The name Ghana means both “warrior king” and “king of gold.”

Food sources

  • wheat
  • grains
  • rice
  • yams

The majority of meals consist of thick, well-seasoned stews, usually accompanied by such staple foods as rice or boiled yams since there were big amounts of crops.



The Kingdom of Ghana was back then in the medieval times so as you can imagine it was pretty brutal how things went back then for them their king was brutal and he wanted taxes on everything. They lived in three major african sudanese empires.

Scientific Achievements

The wealth of ancient Ghana demanded an annual sacrifice in return for guaranteeing prosperity in the Kingdom, each year a virgin was offered up for sacrifice.