Not wishing for it...WORKING FOR IT!

March and April WERE AMAZING!

How does it feel to make #momoney?!?!! I know for me, it felt REALLY good to make money for my family, bills, and little extra in March and April! And ready to make #momomoney in May! Who is with me?

I want to recognize some of our amazing designers that got back to work these past two months!! We're not sitting around wishing for success, we're making it happen!


Let's make money in May and build our teams!

(If I have missed ANYONE please let me know ASAP! My reports are not working up to speed and I don't want to miss a single soul! You EARNED this!)

March Storybuilders! - $250+ PV

Wendy Womack 2254.9

Lindsey Nuttall 2022.2

Michele Downard 1499.3

Julia Hager 1259.3

Deven Ater 1210.8

Alisha Walker 1032.8

Amy & Taylor Doane 995.7

Leticia Garcia 954.1

Tamara Travers 926.4

Dawn Beyer-Strange 889.6

Geri Miller 828.1

Yojayra Hernandez 809.3

Shelly Bloom 790

Lora Gonzales 748

Annie Bostre-Le 690.5

Beatrice Romero 651.2

Tamara Lauwers 650

Julia Poe 649.8

Anita Ruiz 646.6

Samantha Larson 642

Jacqueline Dean 641.4

Monica Alexander 640.4

Kari Harper 617.9

Bonnie Pully 596.3

Rebecca Bejarano 584

Laura Marquez 552.9

Jessica George 549.1

Kimberly Walker 525.1

Aubrie Holloway 516.4

Robyn Castro 507.3

Carol Arizmendez 504.5

Mandy Salvesen 504.4

Ana Hernandez 503.3

Shontele Simonian 503.2

Christina Zacarias 502.8

Joanne Diaz 501.4

Karla Coria 496.5

Melanie Gomez 473.8

Kirsten Warber 435.7

Jennifer Ortega & Mary Figueroa 425.8

Danyeil Stallworth 414.2

Suzy Hernandez 395.9

Laura Sayne 393.9

Tina Garcia 390.6

Brandy Barbee 387.9

Sylvia Montes 372.7

Angelinda Lopez 366.6

Candice Alvarado 349.5

Jasmine Fry 344.5

Pamela Alvarado 338.9

Aurora Ford 338.5

Ivana Rouse 332.5

Raelyn Steele 326.5

Rachel Smith 322.4

Denise Stucker 320.8

Tina MacMaster 316

ana ruvalcaba 307.7

Machelle De Leon 307

Debbi James 306.4

Ana Noble 289.5

Bethann Cairns 285.8

Candis Garrett 283.9

Rachael Mixon 280.7

Allison Pettygrove 276.7

Karen B 276.3

Kimberly Hiner 272.2

evette youssef 270.7

Jessica Sisco 269.6

Victoria Barney 267.1

Laura Thompson 265.6

Alicia Gullo 265.4

Heather Kennedy 263.2

Michelle Davenport 262.8

Dorothy Moreno 258.7

Jacqueline Aronowitz 258.5

Cynthia Carabajal 258.2

Kellee Gray 258

Lisset Baez 254.3

Lorita Moruzzi 251.4

Christy Jakell 250.8

Jennifer Phillips 250.8

March Owlchiever!! This is a biggie!! 5 points!!

Am I allowed to give myself a shout-out? ;)

Lindsey Nuttall -- 11 points!!! (Owlchiever - 10!)

Alisha Walker -- 6 points!!!

April Storybuilders!! $250+ PV

Lindsey Nuttall 1847

Wendy Womack 1506.2

Geri Miller 1148.9

Deven Ater 1113.9

Brandy Barbee 1086.3

Julia Poe 1085.9

Alisha Walker 1039.6

Beatrice Romero 1033.4

Michele Downard 926

Mandy Salvesen 824

Aurora Ford 814

Tamara Travers 785.2

Amy & Taylor Doane 768.9

Laura Thompson 754.6

Tamara Lauwers 750.9

Lauren Lewis 731.2

Shelly Bloom 726.7

Jurreen Ana 641.9

Janet Lyons 610.1

Doreen Reynolds 600.4

Dawn Beyer-Strange 591.2

Laura Marquez 572.7

Candis Garrett 565.1

Christina Zacarias 556.5

maria torres 556.1

Jasmine Fry 551.3

Karla Coria 541.4

Jessica George 529

Lorita Moruzzi 522.2

Bonnie Pully 521.5

Pamela Alvarado 518.7

Angelinda Lopez 517

Danielle Rash 512.7

Karen B 509.4

Jennifer Phillips 504.7

Aubrie Holloway 504.2

Joanne Diaz 504.1

Annie Bostre-Le 503.8

Bethann Cairns 503.2

Rebecca Bejarano 500.8

Rachel Smith 500.8

Noeny Delgado 448.3

Renee Emery 447.3

Heather Kennedy 433.3

Julia Hager 412.6

Kellee Gray 390.9

Jordan Bradford 377.2


Sarah Calsing 369.5

Jenelle Beard 362.1

Amy Rotella 361.2

Alicia Coppola 345.5

Melanie Gomez 340.7

Michelle Davenport 338.2

Elizabeth Bengio 332.5

Jessica Torres 331.5

Denise Stucker 326.3

Rebecka Garza 326.1

Jacqueline Dean 323.7

Laura Holmes 320

Yojayra Hernandez 316.8

Kirsten Warber 316.7

Jacqueline Aronowitz 316.5

Suzy Hernandez 309.6

ana ruvalcaba 291.2

Ana Hernandez 287.6

Wendy Peterson 287.3

Laura Sayne 281.8

Kimberly Walker 280.8

Lora Gonzales 280.7

Monica Alexander 278.1

Glenda Case 276

Leticia Garcia 272.3

Stephanie Smith 267.7

Carol Arizmendez 265.7

Dorothy Moreno 261

Kari Harper 260.9

Anita Ruiz 260.7

Sandra Cervantes 257.6

evette youssef 257

Jackye McCreary 256.2

Lisset Baez 254.8

Roni Vega 252.2

Maria Guerrero 251

Candace Medlyn 250.9

Tina MacMaster 250.3

April Owlchiever!! 5 points! (This is a biggie!!)

Lindsey Nuttall - 5 points

Wendy Womack - 5 points

Why do you want to be Storybuilder or Owlchiever in May?!?!?!

Big image
Big image

Owl Be Dangled INCENTIVE! March and April!

If you are not a part of our Owl Be Dangled Team group page on Facebook, you WANT TO BE IN IT! Although my newsletters may not be as consistent as I want them, there is a wealth of info on the FB group page! We do regular recognition, updates, news, and incentives!

Even if you are not "on" Facebook, I would highly recommend having an account just to join some of the O2 groups! The training is great and the motivation HIGH! :)

One incentive we had for Owl Be Dangled was our iPad mini raffle!!!

Incentive time!!!!!!!
Anyone want to win an iPad mini and an Origami Owl case?!?!?
I do, I do!!!!

I will draw one winner on the 10th of MAY to win this!!

Here is how you can get your name in the drawing!

1) If you hit storybuilder in March, you get 1 entry in the drawing! If you hit storybuilder in April, you get 1 entry in the drawing!!!

2) If you hit $500 PV in the month of March/April, you get 2 entries in the drawing! This is 2 entries, not in addition to your storybuilder entry! (2 points available each month!)

3) If you hit Owlchiever in the month of March/April, you get 3 entries in the drawing!! This is 3 entries total, this is not in addition to an entry for storybuilder and $500 PV. (3 points available for each month!)

4) if you hit storybuilder or Owlchiever AND add a new designer to your Level 1, you will get an extra entry for EACH new designer you add to your Level 1!

Again, I will draw a name on May 10th!!!

Let's make this FUN and comment on this post each time you get an entry!!!

A lot of y'all already have at least 1 entry!!!!!!!!

‪#‎LikeABoss‬ ‪#‎momoney‬ ‪#‎gettowork‬ ‪#‎owlbedangled‬

Big image

WINNER WINNER: Jessica Torres!!!