13 Reason Why

Katie Clifton


Thirteen reasons why is about a girl that was named Hannah Baker. Hannah commited suicide two weeks before a boy named clay got her tapes. Hannah left tapes to all the people who took part in the reason of her departure. The last person to recieve these tapes were too take them to their grave and not tell.

Protagonist, Antagonist, Main Character.

Clay is the protagonists because Hannah told Clay on the tapes that he didn't do anything wrong to her while she was alive, he was the only one who wanted to help, and felt bad. Clay is also the main character, he is the person listening to the tapes and reacting to them throughout the book. The antagonists were all the other people on the tapes who lead Hannah to suicide, they're 12 of them.

How 13 Reasons Why connets to Greek mythology

Connection 1

Hannah is just like Nemesis who is the god of revenge, and revenge is exactly what she got. By sending tapes to the people who ruined Hannah's short life she was getting revenge. Hannah did this by making those tapes, the tapes made whoever got them feel bad about themselves and not like any of the other peoples names that popped up on them.

Connection 2

13 reasons why is like Orpheus and Eurydice, Clay loves Hannah but she isn't alive anymore. By listening to Hannah's tapes, Clay is reliving and going to places Hannah was once at, as if she's still there and he's bring her back in his head, but by the end of the tapes he loses her, just like Orpheus.

Connection 3

One of the reasons Hannah committed suicide was because a boy ruined her reputation. The boy said that Hannah had many lovers. When I read this part of the book it reminded me of Zeus, because Zeus had, had many lovers. Except in Hannah's case it was all lies, and it just started a snowball effect.

Connection 4

Clay is like Hercules, a hero. Clay was one of the good guys. In a article, a author explained Hercules by saying he performed amazing, and often did helpful tasks. Clay performed amazing at school and Clay tried to be as helpful as possible to Hannah but Hannah always rejected it.


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Critique (In writting)

13 reasons why in my opinion is a very good book. I liked it because it wasn't like any other book I've heard so it kept me interested. I would recommend this book to girls only because no boys would be interested or be able to connect with the book. The genre of the book is mystery because you don't know what Hannah's going to say or ruin next.