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How I Make $300 Plus Per Day With Ingreso Cybernetico

How Ingreso Cybernetico Work? Is Ingreso a Scam?

Hi, Marketers and Entrepreneurs

I Present to you a business opportunity I've been working for the past two weeks and I love it.

I've been Marketing online for about 2 years and I've seen countless opportunities compensation plans and Ingreso Cybernetico is by far the best I've ever seen.

So here is how Ingreso Cybernetico works:

  • Ingreso Cybenetico is a online marketing toolsuite that has products to help online marketers and affiliate marketers automate their business. With tool such as:

  • An Autoresponder: Automate your email marketing

  • Many Capture Pages and Sales Letters: Completely customization to your liking

  • IC Mobile App: Automate your mobile marketing, which is the future of marketing

  • 1 TB of cloud storage: got a hard drive full of content but your CPU cant store it? Here you go

  • Digital Products: You can learn from these and sell it for 100% commissions

  • Hosting and domain management: Get domains and hosting right here with Ingreso

  • A great Compensation plan: Explained in the next section!

Is Ingreso Cybernetico A Scam?

The short answer.... NO!

I've been paid already! And so has many of our group members!


Ingreso Cybernetico Comp. Plan EXPLAINED

Ingreso Cybernetico compensation plan

Ingreso Cybernetico has a 6 level compensation plan. It costs $50 to start with the basic plan and you earn $125 dollars each time your matrix cycles. The matrix is 4×2 and you will also receive commissions when your downline cycles their matrix. You can earn commissions up to $10,500! Here is a chart that explains the entire process. In laymen terms you get paid every time you close a board. Here's what I mean by Close a board....

You pay $50 (one time) this opens the $50 board

You sponsor/recruit two people (They pay $50 one time)

Those two sponsor/recruit two people (that also pay $50 one time)

Your board is now closed...You get paid $125 and reentry in the matrix (you board clears again no need to pay $50 again they do it for you!)

*You don't have to wait on your 1st two to sponsor their two to get your board cleared and get the $125, You can keep recruiting and close your own board. by doing that you help your 1st two get two by spillover.

*Every time your recruits close a board the are placed back in their old spots so when this happens your close again and again, and that's $125 every time you close it.

*This explains the $50 board, you can upgrade to the $100 which pays $300 every time you close that board. $300 which pays $900. And so on!

Check out the visual below!

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