The Raft

By: Jerzy Baker

Before the Crash

At the beginning of this book there is a girl named Robbie she is staying at her aunts house for a couple of weeks. Her aunt lets her do things her parents would never let her do like let her get her nose pierced. She doesn't have any friends where she lives and she is homeschooled. She has no friends on Honolulu so al she does is go to the pool, drink Starbucks and watch Netflix.

On the ocean

One day Robbie ended up thinking that she didnt like being alone so she decided to go back to Midway. While she was on the plane and the plane ended up crashing. The pilet Larry told her to put on the life vest. Then he ended up pulling out the safety raft. Max told Larry to take over the plane and he would help Robbie out of the plane so he had to push Robbie out of the plane. While they were on the ocean Robbies nose piercing got infected so she dunked it in the ocean water thinking it would make it feel better but it just made it hurt worse.

On the island to the end.

They ended up finding and island. But the problem was is that there was a reef around it. The ref ended up tearing the raft apart. The waves were so rough that they ended up pulling them onto the beach but she got her hair tangled in a bush. She was glad that she got her hair tangled in the bush because the waves would have dragged her back out into the ocean. When she was on the island she went looking for a food source but instead she found lighters and she collected them so she could see if they worked. When she tried them she took a rock and she broke the top off of the lighters and pored the lighter fluid onto a pile of wood so she could start a signal fire. A boat ended up coming to the island and saving her.

My connections

Text to Self: 1.) I dont remember it that well but I got my ears pierced when i was younger and she ended up getting her nose pierced.

Text to Text: 2.)I remember that in a book The Hatchet the boy was stranded in a forest. This book reminds me of it.

Text to World:3.) The part where the plane crashes it reminds me of when the plane on 9/11 crashed into the field and some of the people died.

Text to Self: 4.) I remember when I went to the beach I didn't see a seal but I ended up seeing a baby turtle and this reminds me of her an Starbuck.

Text to World:5.) I remember seeing on the news that a shark had bitten someones lego ff at the beach and this reminds me of the part where the shark ends up eating the mommy seal.