Back to the Past

Women's rights movement

What was this movement about?

This was a time period were women wanted to have rights as well as men did. Fighting for the freedom to be able to vote because they have a voice as well. Employment, wanted to work as well and run for the government.

Problems? Goals?

Problems: Through this process women wanted their freedom because they were mistreated as if they were less than men. Also they had no rights compared to what men were able to do.

Goals: Overall women wanted to be able to be seen as women who could work outside of the kitchen as well. In addition, they wanted their equality to men.


The women successfully pressured the President, members of Congress, and state legislators to support a passage of the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing women nationwide the right to vote this was a tactic they used as well which turned out to be successfully.

Please join this movement as help us spread the word by using our hashtag as well #LETSMOVEITUPASTEP

Key people and events

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was an American suffragist and was a leading figure in the women's movement. Susan B. Anthony began to campaign for women especially to those who were married and for their rights.

Events: In 1848 a convention is done where the "declaration of Sentiments" is signed by both men and women. In 1850 convention is done where women's movement gain attention. In 1869, the national women suffrage association is formed.

Why should people contribute money to this movement? I would encourage people to give money to this manner because women have the right to be able to have a voice and the equality to men and to be able to do campaigns to raise the voice nationwide. Think of it this way if you're a man such as if you are a man who lives with your mother wouldn't you like her to NOT be mistreated for the reason she is a women?

Advertising? I would activate a page for Twitter, Instagram ,Snapchat and Facebook to encourage people to believe what I'm telling them. Also make movements to walk on streets with posters.

Hashtag? #letsmoveitupastep

What are things that could go downhill? Other movements building up against this movement.