World Adventure: Ferdinand Magellan

Cody Lengel, Logan Torchia


I sail for Spain, and was born in Portugal in the year 1480. I wish to travel around the world by boat, we shall start in Spain, and head west with 5 ships, and attempt to find a river that flows from South America to the Pacific Ocean. I will be sailing around the America's instead of the normal route of going around Africa. If we can do this, it will take close to 3 years, and change the way people think forever. Not only will we be changing peoples minds, but there is a pay.

Men Needed

I need 250 able bodied men to travel the world with me, even if some are to die, and if I am to die. We will travel from Spain to the bottom of South America and head even farther west and go through the Philippines. After gathering more supplies from the Philippines, we will travel straight to the bottom of Africa, and back up to Spain. We will be leaving around 1519, and return close to 1522. You will be paid 15 Euros a day, for around the 3 years it takes, and if something were to happen to you, such as attempted mutant, your pay will be given to your family or closest relative.