Mark Twain a famous writer

By Isaac Allsup


Samuel Clemmens was born on November 30th in 1835. When he was born he became very sick. His mother tried various remedies but they where unsuccsessful. His mother then coddled him until he became better. Later in life he asked her why she coddled him so much, she replied that she wasn't afraid that he wouldn't live, but afraid he would.


Clemmens moved to Hannibal, MO.People and places there were material for Clemmens stories. His dad died when he was 12 years old. He was then sent to a printing office. there he spent many days as a printing apprentence.

Education and carreer

As stated in childhood, Clemmens was apprentenced to be a printer at age of 12. Due to this he wasn't able to recive a formal education. Then after a few years Clemmens was apprenticed to be a river boat piliot. When the Civil War started Clemmens moved west and became a reporter which is when he adopted the pen name Mark Twain. In 1853 Clemmens tried many occupations he fillaly persuaded a river boat piliot to let him( Twain ) become his( river piliot) apprentece. Twain earned his piliot licence in 1857.Twain relized he was a literary person at age of 35. then he started to give lectures and write novels.


Twains parents were John and Jane Clemmens Twain had 5 siblings. Twain married Olivia Langdon and had 5 children.


Mark Twain died at the age of 75 at Redding Conneticut on April 21, 1910. Although he is dead today, many generations and many more to come will enjoy twains books including: The adventures of Huckleberryfinn, The adventures of Tom Sawyer, The prince and the pauper, Life on the Mississippi, and many many more.

Thank you for lisening. Isaac Allsup